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Yes, we translate into all languages.

Delivery time depends on the amount of text to be translated and on the language combination. Moreover, delivery will also depend on our work load at the given time. Nevertheless, rest assured that you will receive your translation on the date agreed with the Project Manager in charge.

We always go the distance to meet your expectations and that includes delivering the needed translation by the time or even sooner than you need it.

As a guide, you can assume that a translator can translate approximately 2,000 words a day, but this will naturally be affected by the type of text involved, the language and the file format.

We translate in accordance with the EN ISO 17100:2015 standard with different levels of review.

The translator themselves ensure that the text meets our requirements, i.e. all text is translated and spell checked, terminology is consistent, the text is linguistically correct and tailored for the target group, reference material taken into account, etc. Where desired, a reviewer can also examine the text to double-check that these criteria have been met. Before delivery, the project manager then checks that the file is not corrupt and that the translation corresponds to your order in every respect.

Additionally, our procedures are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Most of our translators are sworn by the Romanian Ministry of Justice and therefore they may certify the translations they produce.

Most of our translators are sworn by the Romanian Ministry of Justice and therefore they may certify the translations they produce. Furthermore, their signature may be notarized by a Notary Public, so that your translated document may be accepted by any authority or institution in Romania.

A certified translation may be needed in certain specific cases, usually when the translated document will be submitted to various authorities or be used in different formal proceedings.

The cost of a translation varies and depends on the number of words, the language combination, the delivery time and the file format that you have provided us with.

You would need to send us the entire content on the website as a text file or as an export file from your CMS system.

We have the required tools to handle most file types pertaining to this field so that you can receive the translated content under the same format.

We handle most file types. Sometimes we might need to prepare the files slightly before translation and we have a technical department that can help with this. They will find the most time-efficient and cost-efficient solution for your text.

Our translators are specialists in their respective subject areas. We have translators who are specialised in translating legal texts, as well as financial, medical, automotive etc.

Yes we do. Our tools allow us to work with files produces by pretty much any design software.

Our tools help to protect the tags and HTLM code in your documents.

We guarantee that the document’s original layout will be maintained in all editable file formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Web and software formats, etc.). In these cases, we work on the original document by overwriting the text without changing the style or format.

Instead, for non-editable files such as images and scanned PDFs, we can maintain the layout by adding a DTP service.

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