Oral communication is often essential and cannot be substituted. Our trained linguists have the necessary skills to help the speaker get through to his audience.


Whether a small business meeting, public authority or court hearing, training class or even a conference we keep it simple for you. We can provide both types of interpreting services:
Consecutive Interpreting, used mainly for smaller meetings or at court hearings, delegations, for notary public documents etc., and does not necessarily involve any special equipment.
Simultaneous Interpreting, which requires interpreters with particular skills and experience in this type of services and a professional sound system that may include booths, headsets, microphones and the services of at least one sound engineer.

Over time, we had the great opportunity and took on the challenge of working with organizations active in various industries, while taking pride 

in the fact that over 90% of our portfolio is made of recurrent customers.

 Our expertise spans over a wide range of industries such as:


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